Director for Nickelodeon UK Creative Advertising

A few years ago, the British Heart Foundation launched a healthy eating campaign to target kids of the 'digital age'. The “YooBots” are essentially online avatars for kids to look after with healthy eating and exercise. A year later, this commercial campaign saw the launch of the “YooNots”: the rude and disgusting arch-rivals to the YooBots. I created a commercial concept that would be instantly recognisable and rewarding for kids: to see themselves as YooBot characters on TV, defeating their evil YooNot counterparts. The campaign, called "Day of the YooBots", is a pastiche of the 'end of the world' B-movies of the fifties, using the brand's main character Gunther as the mad scientist now seeking help. Sponsoring a well-known children's broadcaster for an entire day, kids got to see themselves thwart their enemies in a series of idents that formed a mini-story with a big ending, scheduled in the latter hours of the day. I directed both the live-action and 3D animation of this campaign.