Director for Nickelodeon UK Creative Advertising

A huge achievement for a very limited budget, I directed both the Clarks Bootleg commercial and sponsorship idents in unison. The style of the sponsorship was to closely mimic, and indeed in many ways surpass, the stop-frame photography animation of the TeenNick branded idents. The viewer would watch both creatives, aired back-to-back, in to and out of the ad breaks, and believe that they were both one and the same creative. Clarks were incredibly happy with the synergy of the idents on-air and, coupled with the commercial airing at the same time, they had a significant uplift in back-to-school shoe sales. The commercial style was very much down to the ad concept I originally set out with but relied too on the collaboration with a very talented motion graphics designer who could bring my vision to life. There were so many obstacles to overcome (too many to list here) with the campaign but, in hindsight, remains one of my strongest directing achievements to date.