Director for Nickelodeon UK Creative Advertising

Successfully winning the pitch, I created an ad concept that would be both faithful to the Clarks YoToY brand but also empower young kids by bringing their wildest imaginations to life. Securing a fantastic animation company for the post-production, we prepped the shoot and indeed had to direct two separate live-action commercials in just one day (both the girls and boys branded ads). A huge achievement, I directed this boys Clarks YoToY commercial in just three hours: truly a testament to what can be achieved by a willing crew and one fantastic young actor when the pressure is really on. Once the live-action was edited, I then directed the post-production animation to bring the ad to life and depict what a young boy would truly imagine when racing two toy cars on his bedroom floor. The ad achieved significant uplift in product sales and set the new standard for future Clarks YoToY ads to come.