Freelance Creative Lead for Viacom Velocity International

With an extremely tight production time, Rich knew that this project was always going to be 'deadly': but how could he resist working with the "Merc with a Mouth"?!

After dying a thousand deaths, Ryan Reynolds finally gave in to the idea of MTV hacking in to his pants--er, we mean movie trailer-- and gave the MTV Makeover campaign the double katanas up...

Raising his kebab skewers on high, Deadpool proclaimed he'd takeover MTV, swinging sword and running mouth... Until he had better things to do, that is.

MTV were honoured to work with this grade ‘A’ piece of man-meat, and judging by the way he rode the MTV logo, we think Deadpool enjoyed working with us, too.

Here, you can view the makeover TV ad, full trailer makeover and campaign reel. You lucky ducks, you.

We hope this Deadpool campaign has touched you, like he has touched us... And himself, of course.

"I'm touching myself tonight" - Deadpool, 2016