Freelance Director/Senior Creative for Disney Media Sales & Partnerships Creative

Rich is delighted to have helped launched Disney's "Ultimate Princess Celebration".

"Tales of Courage and Kindness" is a brand-new digital storybook, featuring 14 new Disney Princess stories and is being gifted to children around the world for free (available to download at:

Disney dedicated each Princess story to children who have achieved extraordinary acts of kindness or courage, like Chloe from the Isle of Man, who, undeterred by her cerebral palsy and epilepsy, ran 20km over 20 days to help keep her family’s spirits up when Covid-19 restrictions hit.

"It's wonderful to be able to work with such fantastic people in a truly inspiring campaign that'll hopefully bring smiles to children and parents the world over!"

Rich was lucky enough to help direct, edit and deliver the final Katie Piper and Millie Mackintosh storybook reads (as well as all the cut-downs, Katie's is featured here first) in a quick turnaround project, ready for campaign launch.

Rich would like to thank all the fantastic teams at Disney for making this happen - Creative/Production, PR, Campaign Management, Marketing, and more! - as well as the talent and their management teams.

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