Freelance Producer for Viacom

With an incredibly tight budget, I produced this monster ad campaign from the ground up; from pre through to post. The toughest of the challenges was to organise the shoot and make sure it came up to the client's, Kellogg's, very high expectations. This involved casting, location scouting, rehearsals, proof of concept artwork, crewing, equipment hire, wardrobe and art department for eight commercial spots, all shot in just one day. It involved an incredible amount of prep work alongside my usual role of copywriter, where I also developed the Rioball skills themselves. I was lucky enough to have an excellent Creative Director onboard to direct the shoot, which allowed me to concentrate on the logistics of the shoot day and make sure every aspect of the production was kept on track and to the client's very high standards. Overseeing the post-production, I delivered the eight thirty-second commercial spots to not only the UK market, but also to eight other, multi-language, markets around the world. As well as this, there were a second set of commercials specifically produced for online/web, which doubled the amount of work and the deliverables. Here are the eight UK commercials, which aired on TV, on children's channel Nickelodeon, over Spring/Summer 2014.